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Student Life

Our library it the cornerstone of our school. We have over 13,000 books for our students to check out. Students come to the library every other week for classroom visits and storytelling. We have 4th and 5th grade students that are Jr. Librarians which help maintain our library. On any given day we may have 250+ students visiting the library with more than 400 books being checked out. The students participate in Canterbury Cash, where they earn dollars to purchase new books from Mrs. Bates, the librarian.

Visiting the Canterbury library is always fun and rewarding.

Spark of Love
Ms. Shirley with county firemen
Ms. Shirley with county firemen for a toy drive.

Students come to computer labs every week to learn various technological skills and to use computers to help them with their studies. We use an adaptive learning website called and typing programs called Typing Instructor and Rapid Typing.  With the rapid technological needs of every student, they get a chance to use two labs for an hour each week.